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2009-06-28 - 5:39 p.m.


that story bothered me, and it wasn't until the following evening that i figured out why. see, it wasn't clear to me that the staff at the restaurant were as entertained by all that as you were.

(maybe they were, and maybe i am off the mark.)

but when i worked as a security guard on campus, i had a lot of people who tried to be "funny" with me, often as a way of being funny in front of their friends. it wasn't ever really funny to me.

and i wasn't working for tips, which only leaves the power differential more...uncomfortable.

actually, after writing this out, i am annoyed at you for being kind of a dick, and i am also pissed off at your friends for encouraging you. this is why i don't like hanging out with your friends, even though i'm sure they're very nice people most of the time.

* * *

reading: victor serge - the unforgiving years.
listening to: here come the warm jets - brian eno.
working on: knitting a sweater for my friend's daughter. will i run out of yarn just a few rows from the end? probably!
in the garden: my green envy coneflower is blooming. i love it so.

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