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2009-05-25 - 6:20 a.m.

trail race

today i am running in a 5k trail race. this is the first time i have raced in almost five years. wish me luck.

* * *

reading: the new yorker. while my husband is out of town, there is no competition for the latest issue. i can't wait for him to be home again, so we can continue this small and well-loved argument.
listening to: the love language - lalita. these guys are going places, and i think i might be a little bit in love with missy thangs. mmmhm, maybe just a little bit.
working on: messing around with visualizations of the voronoi algorithm.
in the garden: a big snapping turtle came to lay its eggs in my neighbor's side yard. we pushed it into a bucket and carried it down to the lake.

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