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2009-05-16 - 8:52 p.m.

i am lucky to be so loved

my husband is out of town, staying with our good friends in austin. i am here at home, making soup from green lentils and listening to music turned up loud. later, i will plug in the little white lights and invite my particular friend over for dinner on the back deck.

tomorrow, i am going to pick strawberries with someone from out of town.

* * *

reading: twilight of the superheros, by deborah eisenberg. 'another, better otto' is one of the finest pieces of short fiction i have ever read.
listening to: adam lambert's cover of 'mad world.' i like the way he brings the melancholy right to the surface, like oil rainbows on a puddle.
working on: tiling the little bathroom. i am covering the floor in one-inch white hexes - on thursday, i took out the toilet, tore out the old vinyl, replaced a piece of rotten subfloor and put in cement backer. yesterday, i broke my finger at the library and did no work at all. today, i set the tile using thinset and tomorrow, i will put in the grout. after the grout cures, i will reinstall the toilet and be very proud of myself!
in the garden: the tomatoes are already the size of nickels.

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