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2009-05-12 - 4:12 p.m.

alone again tonight, my dear.

lately, i've been thinking about my marriage - about the importance of being fully present and bringing the best of myself to my marriage.

it's funny. my husband and i are particularly good friends and well-suited to one another, but we married because my husband's employer did not extend domestic partner benefits to hetero couples and i needed to have health insurance. we'd been together for seven years at that time.

marriage seemed like no big deal. we would have a big party, and then our relationship would continue as before. lately, though, it seems more and more important.

right now, my husband is traveling for work. he will be back for our three year wedding anniversary. i think i will plan a trip to the shore.

* * *

reading: a book about space.
listening to: death to the details - autumn.
working on: a painting for the living room wall.
in the garden: everything is so lush from many days of rain.

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