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2009-03-24 - 10:58 p.m.

a recipe for happily working late at night

whip together eight ounces of hot milk, a teaspoon of matcha powder and two teaspoons of sugar. pour into a roughly red-glazed teacup-style mug.

wrap yourself in a classic grandma-style afghan, crocheted in crispy 70s acrylic yarn. make a pile of books and notepaper.

settle in at the kitchen table. put on your headphones and some good music.

get ready for the cats to come and walk across your books and papers. later, they will sleep warm and weighty on your lap. prepare yourself to work through the exhaustion that comes a little after midnight.

set up breakfast things for the next morning.

you'll see the sun rise. it will be lovely.

* * *

reading: references.
listening to: one red thread - blind pilot.
working on: living up to my commitments.

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