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2009-03-07 - 9:11 p.m.

six things that make me happy

0. my family, forever and always.

1. the season of lent. i like the vast, implacable austerity and the idea of love beyond death.

i'm going through...something big, lately. i wonder if, like a torn slip, it shows?

2. the new york review of books classics series. these are beautiful, beautiful books. i love the way they look when they're new, and the way they get beat up when you carry them around. i love the way they feel, and i love the way they smell. i love their contents, and i love them as objects. and they remind me of a conversation i had with a friend's dad, back when i was very sick and he was not well either, that was just one of those unexpectedly perfect things.

3. hot showers. absolutely scalding showers that push the limit toward first-degree burns. they are one thing that almost always makes me feel better.

4. my dentist. he honestly wants me not to have any pain, and i like the way he touches my shoulder and the side of my face. i have bad teeth and now we have some money, so i've lately been seeing a lot of him. it's a good thing i like my dentist.

5. the fact that hil tagged me for this meme. that made me very happy.

* * *

reading: the waitress was new, by dominique fabre, trans. jordan stump.
listening to: spring peepers in the back yard.
working on: putting one foot in front of the other.

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