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2009-03-01 - 9:44 p.m.

spring holiday (ii)

every first sunday in lent, the church gives us the temptation of christ in the wilderness. this year, we have the marcan form, where wild beasts are present and satan's temptations are left unspecified.

in many ways, my world is very small. i love the austerity of this church and these trees.

* * *

there's a sussuration of little grey waves in the shells at the water's edge. overhead, the sky is vast and flat and cold. there is snow on the sand, surf ducks out on the water, and your hands are chapped.

i've been thinking about how i came to love you. as time goes by, it seems less likely, more lucky. so lucky.

we are a pair, close as the right hand
holding the left.
we are one, warm as the right wing
enfolding the left.
but the whirlwind carves a crater between us,
and nothing is left.

- marina tsvetaeva, july 10 1918, trans. paul schmidt.

* * *

we're back in our old neighborhood, and it is starting to snow.

today was my husband's birthday, but it seemed like the very best day made just for me.

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