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2009-02-21 - 7:06 p.m.

so sick

my cousins are here to visit, but i am so sick. i have likely been poisoned with salmonella by peanut corp. of america - i am waiting on the results back from my cultures to see if i have the outbreak strain, but circumstances are very suspicious.

did you check the foods you have in your house against the fda recall list? you probably should. i wish i had.

anyway, when i was in the waiting room at the doctor's office, there was a mother with three small children who were misbehaving. she told them to settle down and knock it off, or else she would wrap them up in bubble wrap, slap mailing labels over their mouths and send them to the octomom.

it was almost worth being so sick, just to hear that.

almost, but not quite.

* * *

reading: nothing.
listening to: black mountain - heart of snow.
working on: cutting short this rising sense of panic.

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