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2009-02-02 - 10:24 a.m.

robot, ghost

last night, my husband had friends over to watch the big game. it was nice. in our yard, the crocuses are blooming, and on an unseasonably warm evening last week, the first spring peepers woke up and started calling.

* * *

recurring dream about loss, no. 1: i am walking down a long pier with my uncle, who is dead. there's a thick fog and a cold salt wind off the water. i have so many things to tell him, but as we walk, i grow younger and younger, until i can neither walk, nor speak, nor clearly see.

recurring dream about loss, no. 2: i am living in the intentional community along the black river. i am working on some detail-oriented, contemplative handcraft, knitting complicated dropstitch lace. but every stitch i mean to drop remains on the needles, and every stitch i try to keep unravels and runs.

recurring dream about loss, no. 3: i am running, and my body feels like it used to.

* * *

everything is fine. i have good friends and pink crocuses in the winter lawn. i used to think that february was not my month, but now i realize that february is just my month for this.

* * *

listening to: veda hille - here is a picture.
reading: rafflesia of the world by jamili nais.
working on: making patchwork kittens for my friend's daughter's birthday.

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