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2008-10-05 - 6:29 p.m.

long sleeves in autumn

it's the very end of summer, and there's a pink mist over the muhlenbergia grass in the front yard. i'm making ciambotta minestre, and the nights are growing colder. the cats are curled up tightly in their beds.

soon, there will be falling leaves in the yard and frost on the windows, knit wristwarmers and steaming tea in the mornings.

* * *

the oldest library stacks in our nation contain structural shelves with floors and ceilings made of glass, and a south-facing wall of windows to catch the brightest sun. this is a particular light, for a certain time of years.

* * *

listening to: margot and the nuclear so and so's - skeleton key.
reading: the alabama stitch book.
working on: hexagon patchwork. my grandmother calls these quilts "hoover gardens."

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