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2007-04-05 - 9:13 a.m.

another day, another falling anvil

my day starts before the sun is up. i stand in the dark, my face upturned to the hot water.

in the kitchen, i drink tea and read the new yorker until it is time to put on my shoes, pick up my cane and walk to the subway.

i love taking the train, watching the undulant banks of phragmites studded with pools and channels. the highways and the trainyards are perversely beautiful, and the birds are just waking up as the sun rises.

i go to class, and then i go to work. i love my job so much. i love what i do, and what it will lead to, and where i work, and the people i work with. i look out the window over the tops of the trees, and i am just so happy where i am. it's a step, a stage, a good place to grow from.

* * *

another day, another falling anvil. i have a tumor in my hand. i find out more this afternoon. i am terrified.

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