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2007-03-26 - 2:49 p.m.


i'm continually amazed by the mess our roommates can create when left to their own devices. we came home to a completely unuseable kitchen - yard-high stacks of books and papers spilling over the kitchen table, grocery bags and take-out containers on the chairs and sticky-stained floor, wet trash thrown into the garbage can without a liner, the sink and counter and stovetop heaped high with used dishes, a mysterious brown square of ooze soaked deep into the wood of the kitchen table - my kitchen table - the dish drain filled with "clean" dishes all crusted with old food.

one of them went into our room and into my closet without asking, while we were gone, found my vacuum and fucking broke it. my vacuum was a wedding present that cost twelve hundred dollars - my grandmother has the same one, and has had it for 36 years. neither of them apologized or offered to pay for repairs.

this is not the first time one of them has gone through my stuff, found something they wanted, took it without asking and broke it.

what's more, she didn't ask before inviting her father to stay with us for ten days, from this thursday until easter. our apartment is not even 500 square feet in all. last time she had a relative to visit, he was weird and creepy and left a lingering stench in the futon. the guest before that was an internet stranger who broke some of my furniture.

i've had bad roommates before. those of you who have been with me through previous diaryland incarnations will remember dan the alcoholic microbiologist who slept in a no-kidding bed of ferret shit. anne from germany who is the reason why my husband and i tell each other, "don't be an anne in the ass." stefan who would drink until he blacked out and then scream incoherently at the food in the refrigerator. erin who let his room get so foul that even his cats wouldn't set foot in there, and whom we would occasionally find in the living room passed out in a pizza box filled with his own vomit.

i didn't like living with any of them, but i never actually hated them, as people.

hate is a powerful and terrifying word, and one i often use too casually. here, i use it with full force. i actually hate our current roommates.

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