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2007-01-03 - 10:59 p.m.


this was the worst new year’s ever. i was watching television with my cat, and then he died.

it was unexpected. he was only three. he was happy and handsome. he would lie on his back and wait for you to rub his tummy. he would sleep in the basket of unmatched socks. his nose was shaped like a tiny pink T.

in the morning, he was so cute. whenever he heard an egg being cracked, he would come running into the kitchen on his little white feet. he always wanted you to beat an egg for him, but he would never eat it.

sometimes, he would relax so hard he would slide right off the bed. he knocked a chair into the china cabinet and broke our heirlooms. later, he saved my whole family by heroically screaming when the washing machine caught fire. he was such a good little guy.

no one was ever mean to him, and he never got hurt. he just fell over and died in front of us, and there was nothing anyone could do.

it really was the worst new year's ever.

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