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2006-10-16 - 10:10 p.m.

so many straws on the back of this camel.

a bad roommate has been happening to my stuff for quite some time. my glass cups from venice cannot be replaced with anything available at ikea - or in italy, for that matter, anymore. i bought those cups in the summer i took the train to lucca, where the sea was full of little blue jellyfish with tiny glinting sails. in that summer i was studying in siena, i took the train to venice, found these treasures and brought them home.

i used them every day - when i was very ill and very poor, i would drink a glass of water when i could not eat, and my morning was sweetened with memories.

i put them away so you couldn't touch them, but you went and found them anyhow. then you broke them, and you didn't tell me until i asked you what had happened. you told i should have bought plastic, 'cos it doesn't break so easy.

there are so many straws on the back of this camel. i am just so tired of this.

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